Serious Game "Escape COVID-19" launched

"Escape COVID-19" is a serious game aimed at increasing knowledge among healthcare workers about infection prevention and control.

As part of NRP 78, Stephan Harbarth's research group from Geneva University Hospital HUG and the University of Geneva's Department of Medicine developed a serious game to improve knowledge about infection prevention and control among healthcare workers.

"Escape COVID-19” is a playful learning course (serious game) for employees in nursing, care and support across all areas of health care. In four everyday situations at home, on the way to work, at work and in contact with patients, residents and clients, the correct preventive behaviour is discussed and illustrated. The learning content is updated with the latest findings from research on infection prevention and control. At the end of the learning game, participants receive a personal certificate of participation.

In their publication, the researchers demonstrate that the serious game "Escape COVID-19" increases the willingness of health care workers (HCW) to change their behaviour regarding infection prevention and control (IPC).

In order to achieve the broadest possible distribution, the web platform is supported by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and various other actors in the health sector such as the Swiss Red Cross, Spitex Switzerland, Curaviva, H+, Insos, senesuisse, FMH, Public Health, KOGS (OdA) and other organisations. The login and further information can be found directly on the website

The project, together with two other NRP 78 research projects, has received additional support since the beginning of 2021 from experts in the network of Innosuisse, the Swiss agency for innovation promotion, with a view to rapid implementation of the research results. This has contributed to the rapid realisation of the serious game.

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